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Software Support

Marpatt partner with some of the leading companies in software development within the kitchen industry.


Marpatt are endeavoring to work as closely as possible with as many software providers as possible, liaising with them on a regular basis and making sure product ranges and prices are kept up to date.

All Marpatt products are maintained and available on the easyquote system.

Easyquote is a business management system that allows kitchen and bedroom designers and manufacturers to manage their customer interactions (CRM), produce professional quotations, place purchase orders, manage stock, manage projects, import from their CAD system and much, much more.

Easyquote’s Data Services Director, Ben Pursglove commented, “By working in partnership with Marpatt, our mutual customers are able to quickly and easily specify products from Marpatt’s massive product offer” he added “designs can be re-priced in different door styles at the touch of a button and placing purchase orders is just as simple. This takes the headache, error factor and long manual work that can be involved out of the equation”

Existing easyquote users will be pleased to know that over the coming weeks, we will be adding technical images to the easyquote catalogues.

For more information about easyquote, visit or call 0845 603 1370.

SMART Systems

SMART Systems are the pioneers in the development of Business and Operational management systems specific to the KBB industry. The great depth of functionality and the ease with which their solutions can be customized enables the whole spectrum of businesses in the industry to greatly benefit from a SMART implementation. SMART have been in the vanguard of the IT revolution within the KBB industry and share Marpatt’s vision of supporting their customers that are moving their businesses forward by investing in IT.

Justin Dubiel, National Sales Manager for SMART Systems explains…” for many years one of our missions has been to make available to our customers quickly, accurately and at no cost, manufacturers’ product data and price lists for use in their SMART database.”

SMART has been supporting Marpatt’s entire range of product data and pricelists since 2004. Justin Dubiel…” Marpatt is typical of the lateral thinking emerging within the industry. Now working more closely with SMART, allows our mutual customers to receive product data, including line drawings and price lists, into their SMART database as soon as the information is released by Marpatt……… and of course it is as accurate as Marpatt intended”.

For more information about SMART Systems, visit or call 01344 878110


The complete range of Marpatt’s kitchen and bedrooms doors is now included in the ArtiCAD-Pro CAD software product. Users of the software can quickly and easily search for and select their doors of choice, and then simply drag & drop them into their kitchen or bedroom design.

Marpatt considered a number of different suppliers of CAD packages for the KBB industry, selecting ArtiCAD as one of their preferred partners.

“We are very enthusiastic about ArtiCAD’s integration with easyquote,. Not only does the ArtiCAD-Pro and easyquote integration provide our customers with a complete design and pricing solution, it is also paving the way for us to be amongst one of the first to adopt the new ArtiQuote system from ArtiCAD, which is powered by an easyquote database.” Richard Saunders, Sales & Marketing, Marpatt.

Based in Leicester, Marpatt is a family-owned company established more than twenty five years ago. The company’s range of classic and modern kitchen (and more recently bedroom) doors is supplied to the KBB industry throughout the UK. More than 150 different mid-to top-of-the-range doors from Marpatt are now included in the ArtiCAD-Pro catalogue.

“Our customers find it so much simpler to be able to show their clients designs which incorporate the specific doors they have chosen, rather than expecting them to use their imagination or just see generic doors within a design. Together with easyquote, both products enable clients to be provided with a great deal of information and detail which is easy to see and easy to understand. And the easier it is to understand, the faster it is to sell.”

The Marpatt catalogue within ArtiCAD-Pro will be constantly updated as the company adds to its range. ArtiCAD and Marpatt will also be working closely together on joint marketing and promotional activities, under the auspices of the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership, to ensure that designers have access to the greatest design software and the full range of Marpatt doors.

delivers stunning kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and study presentations in minutes, with ease is designed exclusively to help you sell boasts low ongoing costs of ownership and excellent training & support produces accurate, detailed plans - fully dimensioned and labelled generates elevations, 3D perspective line drawings and photo-realistic impressions almost instantly produces parts lists automatically integrates seamlessly with easyquote and other pricing and management systems extremely ease to use – just one day’s training for even complete computer beginners See how the ArtiCAD/Marpatt solution can help you to sell. Call today to arrange a free demonstration on 01923 888101 or visit